If you’ve been dreaming of turning your backyard into a relaxing sanctuary, then this may be the best time to go for it. As the summer high season ends, prices drop and it’s a great time to get a sweet deal on a hot tub. When you are relaxing in your hot tub during the cooler evenings of autumn, you’ll be glad you didn’t wait until next summer to take the plunge.

Before you go shopping, be sure to review our article ‘Turn your backyard into a rejuvenating spa!’

Here are the highlights:

  1. Verify if a building permit is required – Most cities require them for exterior construction and electrical work related to pools and spas

  2. Hire a licensed electrician – If you don’t, you could void your warranty

  3. Make sure the tub you are buying bears certification from a recognized agency like ETL, CSA, ROHS, or LC

  4. Read your warranty fully, even the fine print – You may be required to have the work inspected when installation is complete.

  5. Consider the location of your hot tub – It should work in all four seasons, offer maximum privacy and offer a great view

  6. Ensure you have a solid, level foundation in the desired location for your hot tub

  7. Think about safety considerations – Access should be restricted by a gate or fencing

If you have any questions, we can advise you on the top models, certification standards and of course, manage installation of the spa or assist you with any of your electrical needs.

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