Whether you already own an outdoor spa or are considering installing one, it’s important to be mindful of the energy costs associated with them. Here are five ways to control your costs while still enjoying your backyard sanctuary.

1. Lower the standard temperature by a degree or two

Lower the standard temperature by a degree or two. The difference between 104 and 102 degrees may not seem like a lot,
but it can have a real impact on your hydro bill. You can always turn up the heat shortly before using the spa.

2. Always put the cover back on after each use.

It’s designed to hold the heat in – put it to work for you!

3. Choose a rigid, well-insulated cover.

If you try to save money here by opting for a cheaper model, you’ll pay the price on your bill later.

4. If possible, select a location that is protected from strong winds and the worst of winter weather.

If your spa is already installed, consider fencing or landscaping that can better protect it.

5. Shut it off for the winter season.

The difference between running a hot tub only in the warmer months and running it all year long can add up to over $250. If your spa is not in use for long periods of time, turn it off completely.

To get a sense of how much a new hot tub could affect your energy bill, visit Hydro Quebec’s Spa Consumption Calculator. You’ll need to know your billing rate, which you can find on your hydro bill.

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