1. Install a Temperature Alarm

In a deep freeze a hydro outage can lead to water pipes quickly freezing and as a result the expansion of the frozen water within the pipes can cause them to rupture and flood your home, leading to serious property damage. A simple temperature alarm can call or even email you when the power goes out so that you can take preventative measures and avoid thousands in property damage.

2. Install an emergency backup generator.

You never know when or for how long a power outage will be. In these extreme temperatures a backup generator is a must. Have a certified electrician install your Electrical Backup Generator and Transfer Switch. This is especially important for families living in remote areas or vacationing at the country cottage for New Years.

3.3. Family Preparedness

Assure that everyone in your family knows how to start the emergency generator using all the proper safety precautions. In an emergency you want who ever is present to be able to take action.

4. Drain the Pipes when Traveling

If you know you are going to be away for an extended period of time, turn off the water supply and drain the pipes to prevent frozen pipes when you are away.

5. Assure your Furnace is Well-maintained

Proper maintenance of your furnace will assure it can handle the extra burden during the harsher weather conditions.

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